Charge a customer card.

Charge an amount to a customer's card that is enrolled in your program to pay for goods and services at your business.



Charge Card

Tap the Charge Card button on the home screen of your payment program.


Set the amount to charge

Set the amount the customer wants to load onto their card. If an incentive was configured for the payment program, it's automatically applied to the total that will be added to the card.


Complete transaction

Once you've set the amount to charge the customer's card, tap the Continue button. You'll be prompted to select which card type you want to proceed with. 

  • Tap Card : Select this option when the customer has a physical card. You'll need to tap the customer's card to the back of the phone to complete the transaction.
  • Scan Code : If the customer has a digital card, pick the scan code option. The phone's camera will activate. Scan the QR code of the customer's digital card to complete the transaction.


Card charged

The balance of the customer's card has been debited with the charge amount. You can view the transaction details or see the card's balance and transaction history.