Sell Digital and Physical Gift Cards for Your Business.

Increase sales and bring in new customers by selling gift cards for your business.

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Boost sales

Customers spend on average 20% more than the value of a gift card. They also tend to be less price sensitive than those who spend their “own money”.

Bring in new customers

Some gift card recipients never or rarely visited the business for which they received the gift card. They also changed their purchasing behavior in order to redeem the card.

Build relationships

Encourage gift card recipients to reload money onto their card by offering an incentive. (e.g. Add $50, receive 10% bonus value). This will increase repeat business and turns new customers in loyal ones.


Add new customers in a snap

Enroll new customers in your gift card program by capturing customer details, selecting which gift card design they like and loading money onto their new gift card. 


Quick payments

Charge gift cards your issued to customers as payment at your business. Select the amount to charge and either tap a physical card or scan a digital card's QR code to complete the transaction.


Reward your loyal customers

Encourage customers to load money onto their cards by offering an incentive (e.g. Add $50, receive 10% bonus value). This increases repeat business and turns new customers into loyal ones. 


Design & order cards

Create a card design for your brand by selecting one of our templates or by uploading your own design. If you want to sell physical cards you can order them through the app. We'll produce and ship your cards in a few days.


Works with Mobile Wallet apps

Digital gift cards you sell can be saved to the popular Apple Wallet and Android WalletPasses app. This makes it convenient for your customers to manage all their digital cards in one place. Your digital cards are customized with your logo and card design. 




Enroll customers, charge and reload cards all through our mobile app. No special hardware is required, just a mobile phone.


Uphold your brand identity by customizing our app, cards and customer facing emails and interfaces by uploading your brand’s logo.


Create card designs for each occasion or campaign. Change your program to suit changing business needs. Integrate our solution with your POS.  


Load extra value onto a customer’s card and increase repeat purchases. With the right rewards you can turn a one time customer into a loyal one.


Encourage customers to enroll in your payment program or reward them for reloading value onto their cards by offering an incentive. (e.g. Add $25 or more to your card, receive 10% bonus value)


See detailed reports on payment activity in your program. Gain insights in your customers behavior and identify your most valuable customers.  


Transactions are completed in less than a second. Fast transactions means you can serve customers faster and more efficiently.


We use industry standard encryption to secure transactions. Our card technology is tamper proof, making cloning cards impossible.


You can still perform card transactions and check card balances when offline. Once internet connectivity is restored we sync all transactions to our servers.

Simple, Transparent Pricing


  • Unlimited customers
  • Unlimited transactions
  • 24/7 Support
  • Free card design assistance
  • No setup fees
  • Integration with Mobile Wallet apps
  • 1% Transaction Fee

Let us help you setup your gift card program for you. We'll provide everything you need to start selling gift cards for your business.

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