Setup a subscription.

Your trial account allows you to enroll up to 10 customers in your payment program. You'll need to setup a subscription to enable more customers to be enrolled in your program. The monthly cost of your subscription is determined by the amount of devices you wish to use to manage your payment program. 



Go to subscription screen

Open the navigation menu by tapping the hamburger icon in the top left corner of the screen. Tap Subscription to see your subscription details.


Subscription overview

This is the overview of your current subscription. You can see the amount of devices that are currently using the Loopz app with your account, the amount of customers you've enrolled and the maximum allowed by your subscription and the current monthly cost of your subscription.

If you're still in trial, you can setup your subscription by tapping the Setup Subscription button at the bottom.



Setup subscription

If you have multiple locations or multiple points of sale, you can select the amount of devices you want to use to manage your payment program.

Enter your debit / credit card details and complete the subscription setup. We'll charge your card for the first month of your subscription and charge it every month afterwards at the same date.



Subscription complete

You now have an active subscription. You can see your past invoices and the next upcoming invoice of your subscription. You can change the card used to pay for your subscription or change the amount of devices you wish to use.