Enroll a customer with a digital card.

When a customer wants to purchase a gift card or receive a store card for your business, you'll have to enroll them in your payment program. Tap the Enroll Customer button on your program's home screen to start a new enrollment for a customer.



Select card type

Choose whether the customer wants to receive a digital or physical card.

A digital card will create an account for the customer and send an email to their address. 

A physical card will be linked to the new customer's account. You can order physical cards with a card design of your choice. Learn more.


Select a card design

Select a card design that will be link to the customer's account. This design will be used in emails sent to the customer and in the wallet website the customer uses to manage their digital card.

If you haven't created a card design yet, you'll be required to create one before proceeding. Learn more.



Customer details

Enter the customer's first and last name, email address and phone number (optional). The digital card details will be sent to the email address of the customer.



Set initial balance

Select the amount to load onto the card and the payment method to use for funding the initial balance of the card. Available funding sources are cash and payment card. If you've created an incentive for your payment program, the condition for receiving the incentive are shown. 

When using a payment card to fund the initial balance, enter the card's number, expiration date and security code. We process card payments through Stripe. You must connect your Stripe account to your Loopz merchant account before you can accept payment cards as a funding source.



Customer enrolled

The customer is now enrolled in your payment program. An email has been sent to the email address of the customer with the details of his digital card.