Create a card payment program

In order to offer gift cards or store cards for your business, you must first create a payment program. It contains all the settings and conditions that will apply to the customer accounts created in the payment program. 



Select Program Type

Tap get started to create your first card payment program. First you'll need to select the type of program you want to create.

  • Gift Card : Increase sales and bring in new customers by selling gift cards for your business. Customers spend on average 20% more than the value of a gift card. 
  • Store Card : Grow your business by acquiring and retaining your most loyal customers. 80% of sales come from 20% of customers. By growing your loyal customer base, you're increasing sales from your most likely customers.


Name your program

This name will be used in emails sent to customers enrolled in your program and in the online web app customers use to check their card's balance and transaction history.



Choose country and language

Choose the country and language you wish to operate your program in. This affects the available currencies for your program, the language of customer facing emails and the online web app.



Select program's currency

Select a currency for your program. You'll be able to select any currency that is accepted in the country you selected previously. Any money values are denominated in this currency.



Set a maximum balance

Set a maximum balance for cards. This is the maximum amount of value a single card can hold. If a reload is attempted which would bring the balance of a card about the maximum balance, the transaction will be rejected.  


Set an initial balance

Set an optional initial balance for cards. When a customer enrolls in your program, this will be the initial balance of their card. Use this feature to reward customers for enrolling in your payment program.


Add an incentive

Create an optional incentive that rewards customers when they add value to their card. (E.g. Load $25 or more onto your card, receive a 10% bonus.) The incentive is automatically applied when adding value to a card.


Brand your program

Add a logo and background to your payment program. By uploading your brand's logo and a background image you'll customize the app, emails sent to your customers and the online web app customers use to check their card's balance and transaction history.


Review & create

Review the settings of your new payment program. To make changes to any settings, tap the back button in the top left corner of the screen. When you're satisfied with the payment program's settings, tap the Create Program button.