Mobile first

No special hardware is required to run your card payment program, just a mobile phone. Enroll customers, charge and reload cards all from our mobile app. See a detailed transaction history and explore enrolled customers to identify your most valuable customers. All your payment program's details and features are available through our app.

Customers can check their card's balance and transaction history on a mobile optimized website. Payment cards have a QR code on the backside that customers can scan with their mobile phone to take them straight to their card's detail page on our customer card website.  

Branded experience

Uphold your brand identity by customizing our app with your brand's logo and a background image. We'll apply your branding to our app, emails we send to your customers and the online web app customers use to check their card's balance and transaction history. 

Branded cards are a cost-effective advertising vehicle, giving your business top-of-mind presence. They’re like a wallet-sized billboard reminding customers to visit you, and they cost a lot less than a life-size billboard.

Card designs can be easily created in our app. Select from an existing design or upload your own designs. The back of the card is also customizable with your business details. Creating a design for specific occasions increases payment card sales too.

We can send you a proof copy of your card designs so when you place a card order you're confident of the quality of the cards. 


Reloadable cards

Customers of your payment program can add value to their cards after they've been enrolled. This allows for more flexibility in your payment program and with the right rewards can keep customers coming back to your business. 


Reward customers for enrolling in your payment program or for loading value onto their cards. This is a great way to entice customers to keep coming back to your store and encourages them to spend more.

There's two ways to reward customers; you can preload an initial balance onto a card as a reward for enrolling in your program or you can create an incentive for reloading value onto a card.

A reload incentive will reward a customer for loading a certain amount or more to his card and he'll receive a bonus amount based on a percentage of the reload amount. Say you have a program with an incentive that rewards a 15% bonus when a customer loads $50 or more to their card. When they reload $100 they'll receive $15 bonus value (15% of $100). 


1. Set an incentive based on a minimum reload amount.


2. Incentive is auto applied when adding money to a card.


Instant transactions

Transactions are performed against the card and the mobile phone with our app. Performing a transaction takes less than a second, unlike solutions that require a live internet connection. Instant transactions lets you can speed customers through the checkout process faster and serve customers more efficiently. 

Reducing the time to serve customers has an especially big impact at events where the ability to serve more customers means more revenue for the event. 


Our cards use a secure technology that makes them tamper proof and prevents cards from being cloned. All transactions are encrypted using industry standard encryption. 

Offline capable

Checking card balances, charging and reloading cards can performed offline. Once internet connectivity is restored, all transactions are synced to our servers for verification.  


See detailed reports on payment activity in your program. Gain insights in your customer's behavior and identify your most valuable customers. At a glance see how many customers are enrolled in your program and what your outstanding liability is. See detailed summary reports on how your payment program is performing and more. 

Point of Sale Integrations

Loopz integrates with a wide range of POS systems.

Customer enrollment, payment of tickets, card reloading, employee and location management are supported.  

We can arrange an installation of our integration with your POS provider or provide you with a detailed installation guide. We can also integrate with bespoke systems, we’ll do anything to get you setup.



Don’t see your POS system?  

Contact us for a custom integration.

Powerful API

Use our API to integrate our solution into your custom workflow. Integrate with event software to enroll customers before the start of your event or export transactions to your accounting software. All aspects of our solution are accessible through our API.